Language Matters

Daily Photo 63: Hammamet (2)

Another photo from Hammamet, Tunisia, where the medina – the old walled town with its white buildings – meets the Mediterranean Sea. The couple walking along the pathway with their backs to us, the man holding a child, provides just the right amount of depth. This might just be my favourite photo ever.

(Photo taken in September 2014)

Daily Photo 62: Southsea

Hovercraft on the beach in Southsea, Portsmouth’s seaside resort. The crossing to Ryde, claimed to be the world’s only commercial passenger hovercraft service, takes just 10 minutes. The crossing from Southsea to Ryde connects the third most populous island in the British Isles, Portsea Island, with the fourth most populous, the Isle of Wight.

(Photo taken in May 2019)