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Daily Photo 46: Zurich (2)

Not much social distancing going on at the Züri Fäscht, Switzerland’s largest festival, held in Zurich in years divisible by three and attracting over 2.5 million people over three days in early July. The church of St Peter in the distance has the largest clockface in Europe. (Photo taken in July 2013)

Daily Photo 11: Zurich (1)

Zurich is a city of exiles. The German playwright Georg Büchner lived at Spiegelgasse 12 – and died there on 19 February 1837, aged 23. Some eighty years later Lenin lived next door at Spiegelgasse 14, before leaving Switzerland to travel through Germany in a sealed train… (Photo taken in July 2013)


When you take the tram to Zurich airport, as I have been doing regularly over the past few months, you are confronted with the above sign, reading Airport Center.